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What We Do

Tema Fuel Company is a bulk storage terminal that provides storage solutions for the local and export petroleum market . Our storage facility has been built to satisfy our customers’ requirements in this demanding industry.
Our customers are therefore assured of cost-effective storage and distribution solutions with stringent safety and quality standards. Our terminal has been designed to ensure customers' quick turnaround time.

Storage Services

TFC stores three (3) categories of product. Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Premium Motor Sprit (PMS) and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) with total storage capacity of 84,000 MT.

The facility is designed, built and maintained according to American Petroleum Institute(API) standards and is equipped with world-class monitoring systems for seamless operation.

Loading Rack Services

The facility has:

• Six (6) Bay Gasoline Gantry with Six (6) Loading arms
• Four (4) Bay Gasoil Gantry with Four (4) Loading arms
• Three (3) Bay LPG Gantry with Four (4) Loading arms
• Automated Terminal management System (TMS), which handles the loading operations

We guarantee rapid turnaround times for our clients due to our automated loading structure. With the capacity to load 200 trucks within 8hours, our spacious loading gantry ensures accuracy in product delivery always.

Ready for work
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Tema Fuel Company is a bonded Storage facility located within the Heavy Industrial Area of Tema in Ghana.
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